Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rainbow Bright

Anytime I look like an assortment of crayons you can believe that I am one happy camper. YES I ENJOY LOOKING LIKE A HIGHLIGHTER, I really really do. So I saw this dress online at JcPenney for $24.99 and I really wanted to purchase it but with JcPenney you have to be really careful because the sizing is weird and the texture never looks the way it does on the computer. So when I had the opportunity to actually go into JcPenney I promised myself I would look for it. Luckliy I didnt buy it online because 1.) the size I would have ordered would have been too big and 2.) $17.00 on clearance....SCORREEEEEE!!!! The Necklace is from Island Girl Boutique (Abaco, Bahamas) so is most of the arm candy. Island Girl happens to be my go to store for accessories because there is such a variety of reasonably prices items... and during the SALE...HELP ME LORD! Bag..old, Shoes...very old, belt....very very old!

SO DELICIOUS!!!!  Micheal Kors watch and bracelet, Necklace and Arm Candy from Island Girl Boutique, Abaco, Bahamas

My really good friend Shantell and I on our monthly lunch date at Curly Tails Restaurant.... if you've never had a friend who has to take things to the grave with them KML KML then you've never had a friend. It's a long, evil story kml!

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  1. Colours always brighten my mood and your outfit is sure giving me life. Kimberly you look "crayonly" beautiful :-) And don't even get me started on the accessories...Statement indeed! Lovely!