Saturday, 6 April 2013

Purple Elf.....whatever comes to mind when I look at my clothes is how I usually title my pics...and purple elf seems fitting. This is my last day hanging with the family in Grand Bahama, and after 2 days of non stop rain we finally got a beautiful day out. Mom, Sis and I went window shopping...the prices here are ridiculous...really ridiculous. I did score 2 really cute pairs of shoes for $10 each.....HELLZZZ TO THE YEA. Wearing high heels during the day time is usually a big no no on the islands but it seems like more ladies are doing it here in Grand Bahama (where the ladies are pretty fashion forward anyway).... so I gave the day time heels thing a spin. Needless to say after 15 minutes I was in flats.....didnt feel right!

Necklace and Arm Candy: Island Girl Boutique, Abaco Bahamas

Watch and Bracelet: Micheal Kors

The best momma in the world....the craziest too lol

Crazy as we want to be!
My sis and my photographer for today's shoot.....thanks sissy......and it only cost me a stale GUAVA DUFF AND COCONUT WATER LOL!!!


  1. Hi!
    Love your colorfull and so fresh!!

    xx, Joana

  2. Thank You Joana dear.... will definitely check out your blog!