Tuesday, 28 January 2014


On Saturday I went to a Progressive Lifestyle Dinner/Mixer Empowerment CHABANG and it was just fabulous. Let me start by saying congrats to Ms, Leticia McIntosh on bringing such an amazing vision to life. Did I mention she is my twin? hmmm how could you not know that? When I saw the first flyer I already knew I would be attending because fabulous women do fabulous things... then I saw the second flyer and saw that Sherika Brown was the guest speaker and I was like WOOOOHHHHH NELLY... that woman just knows what to say and how to say it. There was never a time that I have heard her speak that I didnt get an AH HA moment. As women we always invest in tangible things like clothes, shoes and weave but I feel the opportunity to be empowered is such a valuable investment. There are times when you need to be reminded of your value and your worth, there are times when we need to be encouraged to walk in our predestined place (we all have one) and there are times when you just need to be around your SISTAS (who I must add were dressed to the nines). By the way, this was actually the first time I tried on multiple things to wear, I always pick one thing and go with it....does this mean I am getting kinda oldish? I AM SHE..... A HIGH VALUE WOMAN AND I MAKE NO APOLOGIES!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Grey Goose

So this was one of those I ate too much over the weekend and I need to wear dark colors kinda situation... but ya know some color was bound to show up somewhere... well I could only risk putting color on the smallest part... the cross dangling on the shoes are so cute right??? yea cute and annoying the way they were flapping SMT


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bubble Gum Animal

First of all.... it's been a while........... LIFE HAS BEEN HAPPENING! Well anyway I made my first set a few weeks ago, but instead of putting together something that I just liked, I kept in mind the things that I actually had in my closet, but child please I don't have a blue purse. I am so in love with that Chambray shirt......I can't even describe it. I just want to wear it a million times and ways. This was a few weeks ago but I just couldn't find the time to blog.