Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Jungle Jane.... This was something that I threw together last minute to catch a flight today. Comfort was the name of the game....the airplane that I was going on was a 12 seater so comfort was important! The pics were taken by mom when I got to Freeport, Bahamas in the back yard, hence the title of the post. Somehow I kept thinking that snakes would wrap around my legs and squeeze me to death.

I bought theses Oxfords 2 years ago and just left them in the closet to marinate. They were on sale for $11.99 at Ross and I could not pass up the opportunity to purchase something that was a bit unlike me. But I do intend to wear them more, quite comfy too. 
While making a purchase at Micheal Kors the cashier was taking a bit too long which led me to playing around with the glasses at the register, just killing time I put these bad boys on and suddenly a HOLY ANGELIC music came from the heavens. Naturally I could not leave the store without them. 
I'm an Island Gal 

My mom is the photographer today....she just snaps and never lets you get ready for the pic.... Green is not really my color but I think it worked! 

This Ombre top is old, like really old....didn't even know what Ombre was when I bought it, glad I kept it for so many years. 
It's great to come home for a visit! 

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