Sunday, 28 April 2013

Rainbow Bright

Anytime I look like an assortment of crayons you can believe that I am one happy camper. YES I ENJOY LOOKING LIKE A HIGHLIGHTER, I really really do. So I saw this dress online at JcPenney for $24.99 and I really wanted to purchase it but with JcPenney you have to be really careful because the sizing is weird and the texture never looks the way it does on the computer. So when I had the opportunity to actually go into JcPenney I promised myself I would look for it. Luckliy I didnt buy it online because 1.) the size I would have ordered would have been too big and 2.) $17.00 on clearance....SCORREEEEEE!!!! The Necklace is from Island Girl Boutique (Abaco, Bahamas) so is most of the arm candy. Island Girl happens to be my go to store for accessories because there is such a variety of reasonably prices items... and during the SALE...HELP ME LORD! Bag..old, Shoes...very old, belt....very very old!

SO DELICIOUS!!!!  Micheal Kors watch and bracelet, Necklace and Arm Candy from Island Girl Boutique, Abaco, Bahamas

My really good friend Shantell and I on our monthly lunch date at Curly Tails Restaurant.... if you've never had a friend who has to take things to the grave with them KML KML then you've never had a friend. It's a long, evil story kml!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Black Military

Soooooo... this is absolutely not what I intended to wear to church this morning. Black is my least favorite color and the only time I tend to wear it is at a funeral so of course I was not a happy camper. The first outfit I put on got a stain from the product in my hair and though I'm sure it would go unnoticed I just couldn't do it. The second outfit was just too body hugging for church so I threw this on sure that I would probably take it off....but I looked at the clock and saw that another change of clothing would make me late. One look in the mirror and I said "whatever".... 
going out the house when I'm not satisfied with how I look is a big no no but it was either that or get to church late....

Monday, 15 April 2013

Miss Geometric

I missed church last week Sunday due to some traveling so I was quite eager to get back into the house of God. I have so much to be thankful for and every chance I get to praise and fellowship with other believers is a gift. I understand that everything that I am is wrapped up in who God is and it often amazes me how great His grace is. It is great to be concerned about the outer appearance but while doing so never for forget to have a beautiful spirit and soul. 

Saturday night I had an idea of what I wanted to wear but when I got to the closet on Sunday morning my mind totally changed. So I went with what I was feeling. I popped the tag off of this really cool top  with a $10.99 price...(love that). The skirt I got on sale from JcPenney last year and never wore because I didn't like it when I saw it. But I'm glad I left it in the closet to marinate, it grew on me.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Stand up to Cancer Mix & Mingle

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with Tara Moss from Star Events and Productions at the Stand up to Cancer mix and mingle. The event was held at the amazingly beautiful Treasure Sands Club, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas. It was just a spectacular event, Tara is just an extraordinary visionary and when asked to assist I naturally said yes without needing the details. Cancer is a reckless disease that has claimed the lives of many world wide. Cancer is the number one killer among Bahamian women so spreading the awareness is of utmost importance. 

OMG I'm like the short OOMPA LOOMPA! These are three really really lovely young ladies, I always say they are beautiful on the inside as they are on the inside. Lashawn on the right was also a former student mine.....(yes she was taller than me then too). I had an amazing time styling them....but seriously, you could wrap them in duct tape and they would still be fabulous! 

Beach Wear courtesy of TaraDiane Boutique, Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Nemara has recently graduated high school but listen here...her make up artistry skills are waaayyy beyond her years.  This girl is like a makeup mad scientist.... she has taken time out of her Saturday to support this amazing cause, how awesome is that?

                                                                     Yummy Clutches 
NEW ENTRY BAND.....I can't even lie these brothers are the best!!! They could jam!

The Lovely Bianca-Angelique, Beauty and Brain

The Beautiful former student...Beauty and Brain 

The Gorgeous Patricia and also reigning Miss Abaco- Beauty and Brain

Me styling Lashawn... they were so easy to work with

Fighting with Bianca's necklace 

The visionary behind the event, Tara Moss of Star Events and Productions. Check her out on Facebook, she is the best in event planning and classy design. 
Isn't she just gorgeous.....yes she is!