Monday, 8 April 2013

Prison Stripes..... black and white stripes always reminds me of a prisoner's uniform.....anyway my Easter Break Vacation is officially over 'tears'. I was in Florida last night and had the opportunity to watch Temptation (Tyler Perry) .... WOW....must get back to that movie in another post! Well my dress code was to be simple and comfortable, two words I rarely use when it comes to fashion. The peplum was a cheapy from Trends and the jeans from a boutique here in Abaco... I think the wash on the jeans make my thighs look huge though... I think i'll stick to darker colors from now on!!!

Manicure Courtesy of Blush (Oakwood Plaza, Fort Lauderdale) 

My locs are usually the source of confusion. 

This was outside of Home Depot waaayyyyy after business hours. I was amazed at how they just left the plants outside overnight....I'm sure there are great security cameras around the property and I'm certain I'm on it lol. 

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  1. Love this effortlessly look...great colour combo.

    P:S.: Do you wanna add each other to our circles so I can stalk u gradually pls? If u want ofcourse. Thanks

  2. Thank You Missy May..... I checked out your blog, real cute my dear! Would be great to be in your circle!