Thursday, 21 November 2013


So I was leaving the Chemist Shoppe last week when a young lady says "miss I can tell you like nice accessories can I give you a flyer". I must say I liked her approach of asking and not shoving the thing in my hand. So I asked where her shop was and instead of directing me she actually offered to escort me upstairs which was pretty cool. I was definitely impressed by the store, it was really a boutique. Not at all one of those stores that tries to sell everything and is junky and confusing. Right away I saw a necklace I liked and promised to come back on the weekend when I had more time to look around. For some reason that night I could not get that necklace off of my mind, needless to say I went back for it the next day and surely I wore it that night at the Spinacker. Let's establish one thing, I have not been paid for this, neither was I asked to do this, this is not my store and these are not close friends or family members, I just wanted to share the little awesome treasure of a place that FOUND ME! Check them out by all means when you want to get snazzy and jazzy!!!!!!

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