Thursday, 7 November 2013

Born To Win

Just wanted to share that this weekend is sorta kinda a little big for me... I am being honored along with 4 other amazing women for Outstanding Service to the community. My award is particularly for service in working with youth. I am extremely humbled by this. Personally, nothing I have ever done has been for recognition, I believe that I am called to work with young people and that is what I spend my time doing. At first I kept this a secret from everyone because it simply felt strange to be recognize for something that I enjoy doing but my friend Phillippa had to take a minute to share with me that this is something to be proud about. I amproud don't   get me wrong I just feel like I haven't tapped into half of what God desires me to be in the lives of young people. I have been living on this particular island for 7 years and even though the island where I came from is still all the Commonwealth of the Bahamas the naysayers whose opinions really don't matter have said that because I am not from this island I don't deserve the award Kml Kml Kml Kml.... I can't help that I am anointed to prosper and I can't help that I go passionately in the direction of my dreams and I certainly  can't help that I am a selfless person! I am glad I didn't take the "oh I'm not from here so I won't contribute" approach..... Small minds discuss people so its cool, I'm honored to hold such places in their conversation, keeps me current. My pastor says if no one is talking about you it means you really don't matter. I extend a sincere thank you to Tara Diane and her team for selecting me and by extension encouraging me to keep doing what I am doing. Naturally I was born to win DUH!!!!! Excited about the weekend... and super excited about the people who will be there supporting me....
And chile I am so excited about that fashion show!!!!!! 

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