Saturday, 3 August 2013

PARIS 2013

So finally after many years I can say I've seen the Eiffel Tower! Man is that thing overwhelmingly HUGE. Well Paris was the 2nd stop on my European vacation and honestly it was not the most memorable part of the trip, however it was nice. After our first stop to Amsterdam, Paris was a welcomed distraction if yall know what I mean lol.... I think you do! 
Welcome to Paris every one!!!!!!!!!!!

No idea

Railroad Pimpin.... it aint easy 

Pretty in Paris, Phillippa, Shantell, Myself and Mia

It's massive huh?

She's a beauty aint she?

So we saw some food we recognized and it was OVER!!!

I dont what the hell I was attempting with this hair.... 

The Notre Dame in the background

Crepes anyone?

The Arc de Triomphe de l'√Čtoile....50 m tall

MAC oohh yea

Practicing my Marilyn Munroe on the air vent

 Musee' de L'Ouvre of the largest museums in the world! 


There is something so wrong with me...

Trying to convince myself that I can get down without breaking something 

Coooooollllllllllllll Huh?

My friend Philly was spot on with directing my hands.....

Side walk Art

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  1. I see y'all ladies having a good time. Looking good too.. :-)