Friday, 9 August 2013

Fire Engine Red

Haven't done an outfit post for a while.... why?..... hmmm I have no excuses! Well this one is short and sweet. Red is not my color of choice for clothing but this dress started talking to me when I walked pass, and I was shopping for really light weight clothing to pack for my summer trip to Europe. Yall know those airlines be tripping. So this is what I wore during one of our dinner nights on a cruise around the Greek Isles.... dinner was such an anticipatory event kml. We were like the only four black women on a ship of 3,500 and when we stepped out, man I guess we stepped out! Showtime!

Yes I said it....people see you for where you are now but they don't know where you've been. I chose not live in the past because there's a God  who trades peace for despair. 

I was totally clowning around in this pic, my friends have me for a fool I swear kml

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