Friday, 9 August 2013


Athens evolved into a religious center dedicated to the goddess Athena. In 1834, after the Greek War of Independence, Athens became the capital of Greece. Before heading out to begin our cruise Mia and I got up really early for a quick Athens adventure.... and kml it was sure as hell an adventure. We were happy to find out that our hotel had a bus that would take us to The Plaka an area near the Acropolis that had lots of cafes, boutiques and tavernas. From there we walked to the Acropolis which is known as the greatest of all archaeological sites. Keep in mind we had to walk up 80 steps made of marble, which was very slippery. But it was well worth it. Also, look out for Old Olympic Stadium, Temple of Poseidon and The Temple of Olympian Zeus.We got into Greece very late the night before and experience another time change, so we should have been too tired to get up but buddy we were not gonna let this opportunity pass. Two of us went while the other 2 stayed at the hotel. I enjoyed this, well worth the lack of sleep. 

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