Saturday, 21 December 2013


The end of year Christmas parties really have a way of derailing a good diet.... but anywhooooo..... I was recently in JC Penney, "browsing" and happen to see a clearance section full of crap... but I've come to realize that the key to maintaining a Fashionistas budget is patience and the ability to look at something ordinary and immediately know that you can make it extraordinary. Well the price of this dress was....(drum rolllllllllllllllllll) $9.97....WOOPP WOOOPPPP!!!!! The shoes I ordered from now get this... I waited for Black Friday Sales and added the usual online coupons and came out with 5 pairs of shoes for $85..... BANG..... Money aint a thing lol! Thanks for stopping by and do enjoy the Holidays with your loved ones! Don't let the lack of gifts or the excess of gifts take away from the real spirit of the season. #HappyHolidays


  1. Love the outfit Kimberly! You look great. What a bingo with the sales.... The shoe is everything!!

  2. Thank You so much Missy...... Girl a good sale item is lifffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!