Thursday, 12 December 2013

Once upon a time she suffered from Low Self Esteem, Now Low Self Esteem suffers from HER!!!! I don't have an ego, I have a story; you just don't know it.
What you see is the cover of a book, filled with intricate details.

When I first say this dress while window shopping online I immediately thought AMALFI COAST (which was where I traveled over the summer). That was the first I saw clothing and had a particular scenery in mind for wearing it. Wore it very casual with flats and no jacket as there was a lot of walking and it was very hot in Italy. After the trip I kept thinking gosh I don't want this dress to be a one hit wonder. Didn't take me long to put this more dressed up version together in my mind. When I first saw the dress they 1.) didn't have my size and 2.) it was too expensive for my liking. So I patiently waited for a new stock a return and a sale. Well after stalking the site I finally saw my size was available and the price was reduced to half of the original price, I was sooooooo happy about this purchase. The structure of it is nothing short of fabulous to me.

Thanks for stopping by my little obsession everyone.

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