Monday, 27 October 2014

The Pink Rose Ball

So my friend Sandy invited me to the 2nd annual Pink Rose Ball which took place on the weekend. The Pink Rose Ball is a benefit event to raise funds for Breast Cancer awareness month. I must say the persons involved in executing the entire thing did a really really fabulous job and I say hats of to them, it was simply beautiful. Just to see over 300 beautifully dressed people was just heaven. However, it was not all just fun, there were some moments where tears where shared as women who I've seen around but never knew their story spoke about their battle with breast cancer and some AMAZING stories of survival and strength. I said to myself "THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL  STRONG WOMEN". I could not help but to think of Brittany a young lady so dear to my heart who did not have breast cancer but lost her fight with cancer nonetheless just two months ago. Just 4 days shy of her 18th Birthday we lost her and I think it has been one of the most devastating things I've had to deal with. There was a part during the event that we were given the opportunity to light a candle for those who fought and those who are fighting and I could not pass up that opportunity. I lit my candle and thought of her then thought of my aunt Brenda, then thought of an old Co worker Ms. Lilly (who is still alive) and realized this Cancer thing is certainly affecting us all. Never forget those who fought and pray for those who are still fighting. Rest in Perfect Peace Brittany, I love you, you were my greatest experience. 

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