Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sassy Sophisticate

Everyone wants to look nice right? But everyone can't afford shopping sprees right? But everyone still wants to look nice right? Right! It's really not about how much money you can afford to spend, it's about knowing: 1.) your body and what suits it 2.) knowing where to find a budget friendly shop for your body. So some people say OMG chile I can never shop in this place or that place.... well hey do you and whatever works for your pocket.... Start where you are until you can expand. This dress: ROSS baby... How much: $13.99...everything else old stuff that I keep well enough to always look new. So wherever your pockets are there is an outfit for you... unless you wanna kill yourself by trying to keep up with the joneses whom nobody really knows!!!

1 comment:

  1. Lord knows I love a good bargain and this dress doesn't disappoint! Very feminine flirty dress. Gorg! :-)