Saturday, 1 February 2014

Youth Ambassador Program

Hi Guys, well I never really talk about my personal life, I post outfits and that's pretty much it. But I'm learning that when  God blesses you, it is important to share so that others may see the work of God in your life. Last year I was selected as an adult participant of the YAP, when I got the email I literally did a happy dance. It's one of those opportunities that most people would do anything for and I'm blessed that I was the one selected to rep my country. So in a few hours  I will be flying to Colorado with 4 amazing students (Conrad, Kandise, Berthony, Catalina) who undoubtedly deserve this opportunity. It seems we are in for an experience of a life time, we have been told repeatedly, "get comfortable with being uncomfortable" hmmmm gosh. The program focuses on fostering leadership and presenting an action plan for leading change in our community. Well ...cold in The Bahamas is 65 degrees, therefore we cannot fathom what Colorado and DC temps will be like. I have been in cold weather but no where near to under 15F. One thing I am excited about though, yes I have seen snow but I have never been lucky enough to experience snow falling... Wish me luck!

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