Monday, 21 October 2013

Skittle Skirt

Well I call it a skittle skirt but it's actually a dress. Skittles are my weakness... the ones in the purple bag in particular, I don't care what kind of diet or health kick i'm on skittles must be a part of it.... even if I only eat two a day....but i'm trying to kick the sugar habit so.... Anyway, this dress I purchased from....drum roll please...ROSS (oooohhhhhh) for $14.99.... can you say DEALLLLLL????? I'm a Ph.D student, each of my classes depending on whether it's 4 or 5 credits range from $1800 - $2300 so lavish spending is a NO GO!!!!! I really really really like this dress, made me feel soooo SIXY, SAXY, SOXY, SEXY!!!!!! Oh and the necklace I just received from my's so great to have a mommy that still goes out and buy her girl's stuff! She is sooooooo AWESOME!!!!!


  1. I heart your skirt and you soo cute!

  2. OH YES!! One can indeed look good on budget Kimberly...I loveeee this dress..HOT!! Very gorgeous necklace - God bless your mother.