Monday, 20 May 2013

Whit Monday Holiday

Don't you just love a holiday? There is something about being off on a day you would otherwise be to work. Well i'm still in Freeport with the folks, will be heading back home in a day or so. My sister and her husband are also here from San Francisco, this is one of those very very very rare cases where mom and dad have all of their kids together because usually someone is always missing. Well we went to the beach, one of the most secluded and untouched beaches in Grand Bahama.... however the tide was pretty high and I wasn't playing that. The awesome part is you have to walk through wetlands (on a boardwalk of course) to get to the beach, that is pretty fantastic on its own. Here is a little something something! 
Me, My brother in law, sister and mom

Mom is a Diva

Pathway through the mangroves that lead to the hidden beach

Red Winged Bird often seen in the mangroves

I'm not coordinated at all but....whatever

I found this little area to be soooo beautiful 

Quite daring she is...

No Make Up....No Filter

How cute is the little raccoon? Wonder what was going through his mind?

The white flower is supposed to be very common in the mangroves, I looked all around and this was the only one

If you are ever in Grand Bahama, Bahamas visit the Lucayan National Park, dont mind the sign, no one is really there collecting $5, you can also go in the cave across the street, we didnt go this time though

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